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What’s roughing the passer? Many asked the question after hit on Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs have been burned a couple times this season on questionable roughing-the-passer calls against the defense.

Notably, there was the time Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones sacked Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, stripped the ball free and recovered it. But the play was wiped out by a roughing-the-passer penalty because Jones landed on Carr.

On Sunday, Chiefs fans and others wondered if a flag should have been thrown for a hit on quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The play occurred in the second quarter. From the shotgun, Mahomes fumbled the snap and was able to pick it up. Unfortunately for Mahomes, Texans defensive lineman Maliek Collins was on the scene quickly.

Collins grabbed Mahomes and then slammed him to the ground.

Mahomes looked for a flag, but none was to be found. Fans also wondered why that wasn’t a penalty, although some said Mahomes became a runner when he dropped the snap.

This is a snapshot of what was said.



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