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UK broadcast selections for August and September – Premier League

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The Premier Organization matches selected for online transmission in the United Kingdom in August and September have been confirmed.See: All 380 PremierOrganization 2022/23 fixtures All kick-off times are BST.12:30 Aston Villa v Everton (BT Sporting Activity)17:30 Brentford v Male Utd(Skies
Sports)14:00 Nottingham Woodland v West Pork (Skies Sports) 16:30 Chelsea v Spurs(
Sky Sports)20:00 Liverpool v Crystal Palace(Sky Sports)12:30 Spurs v Wolves (BT Sport)
17:30 AFC Bournemouth v Toolbox(Sky Sports)14:00 Leeds v Chelsea (Sky Sports)
14:00 West Pork v Brighton * 16:30 Newcastle v Male City(Skies Sports )20:00 Guy Utd v Liverpool(Skies Sports)12:30 Southampton v Man Utd
(BT Sporting Activity)17:30 Arsenal v Fulham (Skies Sports)14:00 Aston Rental property v West Pork * 14:00 Wolves v Newcastle (Sky Sports)
16:30 Nottingham Woodland v Spurs(Sky Sports)19:30 Crystal Palace v Brentford(BT Sporting Activity)
19:30 Fulham v Brighton(
BT Sport)19:45 Southampton v Chelsea(BT Sport )20:00 Leeds v Everton(BT Sport)
19:30 AFC Bournemouth v Wolves (BT Sport)
19:30 Arsenal v Aston Vacation home(BT Sporting Activity)
19:30 Male City v Nottingham Woodland(BT Sport)19:45 West Pork v Spurs (BT Sport)
20:00 Liverpool v Newcastle( BT Sport)20:00 Leicester v Guy Utd (BT Sporting Activity)
12:30 Everton v Liverpool (BT Sporting Activity)
17:30 Aston Villa v Male City( Skies Sports )14:00 Brighton v Leicester ** as a result of Leicester v Male Utd being moved
to 1 Sep 14:00 Chelsea v West Ham( Sky Sports)* 16:30 Guy Utd v Arsenal(Sky Sports)20:00 Aston Rental property v Southampton( Skies Sports)20:00 Nottingham Woodland v Fulham ** club demandwith Board authorization 12:30 Wolves v Male City(
BT Sport)* 17:30 Spurs v Leicester(Sky Sports)14:00 Brentford v Collection (Skies Sports)
14:00 Man Utd v Leeds *
16:30 Chelsea v Liverpool (Sky Sports)* as a result of engagement in UEFA competitions Keep
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