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Twitter: new fees and Community Notes | Free Malaysia Today – Free Malaysia Today

PARIS: Put on pause for a while, account verification is finally back on Twitter. The social network announced the resumption of its paid subscription service, Twitter Blue, which gives users access to account verification.
This announcement is accompanied by another new development: a price increase for subscriptions on Apple devices.
While the price of US$8 per month remains unchanged when subscribing via a computer, Apple device users will have to pay US$11 per month for the same features.
This price difference is a response to Apple’s policy regarding the 30% commission charged on purchases made within iOS applications. Something that Elon Musk has denounced and referred to as “a secret tax of 30%.” The tycoon has decided to respond by simply increasing Twitter Blue subscription rates on devices under iOS.
In addition to getting their blue verified badge, users with Twitter Blue can edit their tweets, upload longer videos in high quality (1080p) and switch to “reader mode,” a feature that allows users to read threads in a more fluid manner.
They will also have priority access to new features and will be highlighted in comments, mentions and searches. Their subscription should also allow them to see 50% fewer ads on the app.
If a Twitter subscriber changes their name, description or profile picture, they will lose their certified badge while their account is being verified in order to prevent identity theft. Subscribers also need to verify their phone number to boost security.
In addition to verification, Elon Musk announced a major change regarding tweets!
Currently limited to 280 characters (after being increased five years ago from the original count of 140), tweets will soon be able to contain 4,000 characters.
The rumours were finally confirmed by Elon Musk, himself, in a very short tweet. However, while this major change appears to be imminent, neither Twitter nor Elon Musk have mentioned when it will take place or whether it will be linked to subscriptions or apply to all users.
Finally, the platform announced the rollout of Community Notes.
This feature allows Twitter users to comment on tweets to add context and thus contribute to the fact-checking of information and the fight against misinformation.
If a note is deemed useful by a majority of contributors, it is then publicly displayed in the tweet. This feature is a tweaked and rebranded version of the “Birdwatch” concept, designed to counter the spread of fake news on Twitter.
Starting now, these contributions will be visible to all users of the platform but only Americans will be able to contribute by creating their notes at this point.
The social network has indicated that users in other regions will soon be able to become contributors, without giving further details.
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