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The impact of artificial intelligence on iGaming – Business Insider Africa

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Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is playing increasingly essential roles in aspects of our daily lives, including but not necessarily limited to the online gambling industry. Both iGaming and land-based casinos have evolved, utilising cutting-edge technology to provide better experiences to engage players. And artificial intelligence’s introduction to internet casinos gives users a more immersive and realistic experience that they would have only found in brick-and-mortar gaming establishments in the past.
The internet gaming industry leverages AI technology to power many things, such as algorithms that guide users to games they may prefer. They collect data based on your actions to forecast exactly what you’re interested in to make things easier and more convenient for you, for example. But it doesn’t end there, and this post will cover other ways artificial intelligence impacts iGaming.
It offers a more personalised experience
Whether you’re playing online games for real money or not, most people desire and expect a tailor-made experience when engaging in the activity. As mentioned previously, AI-based algorithms can collect data to gain insight into player habits and preferences. With these specifics, they can generate helpful projections that will allow the operator or deliver a more personalised experience to the users.
For instance, if you regularly play at online casinos, some may recommend specific titles to you as soon as you log in to the website. The algorithm brings these suggestions, which likely depend on the AI to function.
It can improve online safety
As more and more players engage in online gambling activities through their computers or mobile devices, security measures have become necessary to ensure the gaming environment’s safety. Artificial intelligence has been shown to help safeguard players’ privacy and protect their data while processing payment transactions.
A perfect example of this is the SSL encryption. It’s essentially a type of digital mechanism that helps in protecting sensitive information during transactions. It ensures that data stays out of the hands of third parties and prevents fraudulent activities like hacking. The most significant concern of players and bettors when playing online is the security of their account details. Hence, most online casinos use artificial intelligence to prevent data breaches or the unauthorised exposure of sensitive information.
It helps against cheating
Thanks to artificial intelligence, online gaming websites are able to detect fraudsters and cheaters effectively. When utilised, the members’ behavioural patterns are collected, which may determine whether a player is cheating. As a result, players will always be on equal ground, ensuring that everyone is playing by the rules of their desired games and are unable to manipulate the outcome using questionable tactics or additional software.
AI has and continues to pave the way for a better experience in online gambling. With individualised options and recommendations, enhanced security measures, prevention of cheating, and even simulating how real players would react in a game, artificial intelligence has undoubtedly made iGaming more engaging than it was in the past. As the technology behind it continues to evolve, the games will only get more immersive.
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