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Ranking the top 5 teams most likely to win the UEFA Champions League in 2022-23 – The Real Champs

This photograph taken on August 25, 2022, shows the UEFA Champions League football trophy cup during the draw for the UEFA Champions League football tournament 2022-2023 in Istanbul. (Photo by OZAN KOSE / AFP) (Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)
The top teams in Europe have all gathered for another year of fascinating matches, comebacks, goal feasts, and other antics as the largest club tournament in the world has just begun for another scorching season.
The UEFA Champions League is poised to provide the finest footballing action to your TV screen, or if you’re lucky, to your seats right there in the stadiums. It has some of the top teams and a number of fresh underdogs who always keep the fans on the brink of shock until the final whistle.
The competition’s group stage has already begun, providing some insight into what can be expected from certain teams and what choices can be made regarding who advances to the next knockout phase and who does not. In the end, though, everything is dependent on predictions and wild guesses.
With that in mind, we’ve compiled a power ranking of the top five clubs we believe are the favourites to win the UEFA Champions League and become European Champions in 2022/23.
To achieve the correct balance in the criterion, we have gathered a plethora of elements to position clubs in this list, including squad depth, player potential and form, management’s competence, and many more.
The rating runs from #5 to #1, with the first name being the least probable of the five to win the tournament and the final name, which is the #1, being the most likely to win the Champions League title.
Now, without further ado, let us get started!
Robert Lewandowski, FC Barcelona (Photo by ADRIA PUIG/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Following a disappointing departure from the Champions League last season, FC Barcelona returns to the tournament with a reconstructed squad that is regarded as one of the best in the world right now. With a slew of new top signings in the midst of an extraordinarily busy transfer season, the Catalan giants are primed to challenge for the title once more.
Xavi and his side began the new Champions League season with a dominant 5-1 win against Viktoria Plzen, but fell short of a tie against their newfound rivals Bayern Munich by two goals, surrendering key points in the group.
Barcelona has looked terrific this season, significantly better than the squad they had last season. The major signings of Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, Jules Kounde, and others have been profitable to some extent, but there is still work to be done.
Nonetheless, with an ideal combination of experienced veterans and future stars, as well as a competent manager in former club icon Xavi, the team looks intriguing and cannot be taken for granted.
They are ready to put up another tough fight and are, by a significant margin, the fifth most probable club to win the Champions League this year.

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