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Now you can cook like a chef with the CookX Asia app – Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: Have you ever wished cooking was a simpler process or didn’t always involve a dreaded trip to the store in search of hard-to-find ingredients? Perhaps you’re a budding chef looking for a platform to share your recipes.
Well, looks like the people behind CookX Asia were thinking just like you and got cracking to find a solution.
CookX Asia is a social cooking app that gives users access to a wide range of recipes. What’s more, the platform also sells “eco packs” which are pre-packed ingredient kits you can order and have delivered straight to your doorstep.
Aspiring home cooks or experienced chefs can also share their recipes with users on the platform.
And should you be looking for a space to test recipes or record videos, the CookX Studio at the Eve Suite in Ara Damansara is an ideal place as it is a working kitchen complete with a food mixer, multi-cookers, and a food processor.
Speaking to FMT, Wong Yew Mun, 43, co-founder and director of CookX Asia said the app helps consumers save time, money, and prevent food wastage. Best of all, you can download the app for free and there is no subscription fee.
“If you want to make a blueberry cheesecake, you can search for the recipe on the app. We also have videos to help our users. Additionally, you can purchase the ingredients needed and arrange for it to be delivered,” Wong said.
Users can also look forward to recipes from brand ambassador Marina Mustafa, who has 26 cookbooks to her name!
Speaking to FMT, Marina, 57, shared: “Most of my recipes are specially curated for the app and I share them to encourage users to cook for themselves at home.”
She added that she kept her recipes simple for the most part to encourage people to give cooking a try. “If a person finds cooking tough or time-consuming, they will give up. As such, I hope that the users will try out new recipes and enjoy them with their families.”
Members of the media recently participated in a cooking workshop with Marina and Mr World Malaysia 2022, Joshua Benedict, also a CookX Asia brand ambassador.
During the session at the CookX Asia Studio, Marina demonstrated how to cook a tuna pasta frittata. Participants were then invited to cook their own frittata using the “eco-packs” provided.
So, can anyone cook?
The “eco pack” is not only a time saver but simplifies the entire cooking process, especially for newbies. All the ingredients are pre-measured, meaning there’s no wastage or leftovers that you must remember to use before its ‘Best Before’ or “Expiry’ dates.
The frittata recipe Marina demonstrated was easy to replicate and will certainly give your confidence a boost, particularly if you’re a first-timer. And not only did the end product ‘look’ delicious, it ‘tasted’ delicious too.
This recipe serves four but should you have leftovers, Marina said the dish can last for one week in the refrigerator and three months in the freezer.
She also shared additional tips for beginner cooks. “If the tomato is too watery and you find it difficult to cut it into small cubes, use a sharp knife and chop it quickly.” And if you’re nervous about flipping the egg in the pan, make a thinner layer then as flipping becomes way easier then, she said.
“Even if you are a beginner cook, get good quality appliances that can last long and ones that can make your cooking experience easier.”
Tuna Pasta Frittata Omelette
This recipe, and many others, are available on the CookX Asia app. Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store today.
Learn more about CookX Asia on Facebook and Instagram.
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