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My tenure as Finas chairman shortened, says Zurainah – Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: Senator Zurainah Musa has confirmed that her tenure as chairman of the Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (Finas) has been shortened by the communications and digital ministry.
Zurainah, in a statement today, said she had received a letter on the shortening of her term in office from the office of communications and digital minister Fahmi Fadzil.
She said this was in line with the minister’s authority under Section 4 (2) of the Malaysian National Film Development Corporation Act 1981.
“As the new minister, this matter is his prerogative. I understand that as the new leader in the ministry, he has his own vision and way of working, and needs the support of his own team members.”
Zurainah said the move by the minister to shorten her tenure had nothing to do with the accusations by certain quarters that there was misappropriation of Finas funds.
Last week, the local media reported former Finas Corporation member Eizlan Yusof as claiming that the action of shortening Zurainah’s tenure was related to the issue of misappropriation of funds for the Ghost Exhibition project, organised by the Film Directors Association of Malaysia.
Zurainah said she was ready to help her potential successor face various challenges in the film industry, including issues related to the welfare of those involved in the industry, especially film crew members who were ill.
“We need to ensure that they are not only protected by social insurance protection schemes such as the Self-Employed Social Security Scheme under the Social Security Organisation but also need to address the issue of fair and appropriate wages for them,” she said.
Zurainah said the agency’s new leadership should also place emphasis on this to be included in the unity government’s budget.
“We also need to study ways to get financial institutions to understand this industry better and introduce financing facilities that are not burdensome.
“This is to ensure the sustainability of the industry as a whole so that it does not only have to depend on government grants,” she said.
She added that efforts to promote the country as an international film shooting destination should be taken seriously so that the Malaysian film industry does not fall behind.
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