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Kerisik: a classic Malay ingredient you can make at home – Free Malaysia Today

Kerisik is a classic ingredient frequently used in Malay cooking. Made from fresh, grated coconut, it is essentially toasted grated coconut pounded until it becomes a thick, gritty, oily paste.
It has a delightful, mouthwatering scent, and a deep, toasty-smoky coconut flavour that adds a different dimension to the dishes it is made with. Eliminating kerisik from any recipe that calls for it will result in a dish that lacks depth of taste and texture.
Making it is relatively easy, which is why it is often created fresh by chefs and the best of home cooks instead of bought ready-made from a store.
Different “levels” of kerisik, varying in texture and oiliness, are used for different recipes. Here is the kind that is used in beef or chicken rendang.

This article first appeared in butterkicap.com, a food and culture platform and community that enables anyone to experience Malaysia through stories of her people, food and places.
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