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How gamification is changing the iGaming industry – YourStory

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The iGaming landscape worldwide has been expanding its footprint and reaching more and more people every day. Although COVID-19 has been here for two years now, the stay-at-home policy has not changed much for us.

This inspired industries to build an online presence and reach out to their customer base virtually, especially the prediction gaming market to branch out with diversified features to keep users engaged.
One of the elements effectively changing the stature of the iGaming industry is the gamification technique. As per a report by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the gaming industry is a billion-dollar market. This global space is now endeavouring to expand its wings and reach out to more customers, through gamification. We all, at least once in our lives, have been gamified. If you are wondering how, you need to ask yourself these questions: 

– Have I ever been asked to complete my profile in steps on a gaming platform or any other?

– Have I been subjected to incentives or perks that motivated me to stay hooked to a particular activity?

– Have I levelled up in gaming with badges and milestones?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, welcome to the club!
Assisting in elevating the game dynamics by integrating mechanics of gamified indulgence, it results in increasing the user base multifold.

Taking players’ feedback in consideration and launching features including progress reports, points, and other factors, it keeps the audience fascinated enough to keep revisiting the portal.
Leading names in the industry are now introducing new elements with respect to gamification tools, and launching sticker books and leader boards with emoticons and other animated badges. Testing players’ knowledge and skills, it challenges their presence in the iGaming sector, further intriguing them to keep going until it’s a win for them. 
It inspires players to reach the next level and the next, creating a loop that drives higher analytics and involvement of players with comparatively increased screen presence.
Not only driving a higher engagement but bolstering the marketing and communication strategy, gamification helps in running discounts on gamified tools and empowering brands as well as mutually benefiting players to hone their critical thinking skills and analytical streak simultaneously.

Enhancing their neuromuscular reflexes and communication by gamifying games, the iGaming industry is focusing on creating a bigger picture.
Spicing things up for the industry, iGaming portals and players alike, it is striving to rev up the vertical for good. Some iGaming giants are now exploring crypto gamification as well.

Laying the foundation for a digitised and monetarily-supported, AI-integrated legacy, gamification is changing the game for the global iGaming market.
Edited by Teja Lele
(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)
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