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Expect big Premier League changes after govt. approve regulator – World Soccer Talk

United Kingdom government led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to regulate the course of English Football in the country with massive changes and restructuring expected in the Premier League.
Sunak has signed off and has given the nod to the introduction of a football regulator at the turn of the year.
This development comes just months after the Premier League had waved off the threat to have regulators imposed on them and its set to undergo its biggest revolution since the introduction of the league in 1992.
It is expected that the Government will resent the White Paper on their proposed legislation in the new year and no announcement is expected to happen during the World Cup or before the festive season.
The proposals are set to become laws by 2024. This would see a panel appointed to search for a competent indicial to head the independent football regulator.
The regulator’s office would likely have directors and several members of the staff who would oversee the disputable issues in the game.
With the new regulators coming in, fans and stakeholders are expected to be affected by the proposed move.
The previous UK government led by Liz Truss were set to ditch the idea of the regulator with the Premier League being jubilant having killed with the course of events.
The celebrations seemed to have short lived after Truss was replaced by Sunak as the new Prime Minister.  
The new regulator will be given powers to sanction clubs that break financial and other rules. The move comes in as an attempt by the government to avoid another Bury and Derby.
While the former went of existence in 2019, Derby has since faced multiple financial crisis and point deduction which eventually have pushed them to verge of extinction.
It is expected that top clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United could now be under scrutiny should they overstep the financial rules.
Manchester City are currently investigated by the Premier League for breaching financial rules with the alleged offences dating back to 2012.  
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