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CNN Reported On Lebanon’s Achievement In FIBA Asia Cup 2022 (Video) – The961

The leading U.S. news network CNN issued a report on the achievement of Lebanon’s National Basketball Team in the FIBA Asia Cup 2022, which was held in Indonesia.
As Lebanese basketball players shined brilliantly and were announced 1st Runner-up in the championship, CNN interviewed the captain of The Cedars team, Wael Arakji, who was also recognized as MVP of the FIBA Asia Cup.
During the interview, Arakji expressed a real sense of pride and honor for winning and representing Lebanon and the Lebanese people, adding that being able to reach the second position in Asia “shows that Lebanon will never die.”
In the interview, he also criticized the Lebanese politicians who are “riding the wave” of Lebanon’s success during the championship.
Despite all the obstacles that are now plaguing the country, the Lebanese Basketball Team showed great professionalism as it faced one of the most powerful basketball teams, Australia.
Additionally, they were able to revive the love and the support of the Lebanese people for their National Basketball team!
Here is CNN’s report:
"Seeing the support and the happiness we brought to Lebanon made us feel like we won the tournament."@ArakjiWael, captain of the Lebanese National Basketball Team, tells me he and his team will always fight for Lebanon after a stunning run at the @FIBA Asia cup:
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CNN Reported On Lebanon's Achievement In FIBA Asia Cup 2022 (Video)



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