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Best Philippines Online Gambling Sites 2022 – Top Bonus Offers – Basketball Insiders

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People in the Philippines who enjoying gambling are among the most fortunate in Asia. Unlike many other jurisdictions in the continent, gambling is perfectly legal in the Philippines. Unfortunately though, although there are several licensed real money online gambling sites based in the Philippines, people in the country are not permitted to use them.
Online gamblers in the Philippines still manage to use online gambling real money sites in the Philippines, and this page will give you the complete guide regarding how you can get the most from them.
The majority of sites that people access in the Philippines are offshore sites that are not actually located in the country but overseas. Some of these sites may be geo-blocked so you might need to us a VPN to access them.
We have told you about the top ten sites that are available to people in the Philippines. Now we are going to go into a little more depth about the five sites that we think are the best gambling platforms for real money in the Philippines.
BK8 - Best Overall Online Gambling Site in The Philippines
Storming in at number one in our top ten list of the best online gambling real money Philippines is BK8 for a number of reasons, and one of the main ones is that it caters for a number of Asian markets, which is the good news. The bad news is that there is no dedicated BK8 section for the Philippines, but that’s only a slight headache as people in the Philippines who want to use BK8’s magnificent services can use the Asian or International versions of the site.
The BK8 site has plenty of useful options, including a vibrant sports betting section, plus plenty of casino games and slots. If you wondering why there is a ‘fishing’ tab it is because people in Malaysia love those types of games, so why not give them a try?
The live casino is perhaps where BK8 scores the highest though, with countless providers available including Evolution, Big Gaming, WM Casino and SA Gaming. It’s probably the best live casino available to casino players in the Philippines.
What we like:
What we don’t:
1xbet - Reliable Online Gambling Site in The Philippines
This site is a brilliant combination of casino games and sports betting. It does not matter which type of real money gambling in the Philippines appeals to you the most, 1xBet has everything you could possibly want if you are betting on sports, playing the latest and best slots or enjoying some live casino play.
The company behind 1xBet have been around for over fifteen years now, and have built upon success after success. They have become one of the biggest gambling firms in the world, having begun life in Eastern Europe. They initially concentrated upon their native jurisdictions, but following lots of initial success they decided to expand. 1xBet how has a presence in most jurisdictions where people gamble, and when you see what 1xBet can offer you, we’d predict that you will be signing up with them!
What we like:
What we don’t:
22bet - Trusted International Online Gambling Site in The Philippines
At spot number three we have placed 22bet. This betting brand is another true international giant that has plenty in common with its sister site (and number one on our list) 1xBet. Both originate from Eastern Europe and both have expanded to become true international brands. 22bet can offer you the best of both worlds – top sports betting and brilliant casino play.
You get the best of everything at 22bet, with plenty of the best casino games from all the major providers. The live casino is something to behold too, with stylish dealers and croupiers offering you all the best options when it comes to baccarat, roulette, blackjack and more. The sports betting section is truly excellent as well, with full coverage of every popular sport you can think of. There is not a lot to dislike about 22bet, although it only makes number three on our list because we just think the sites we have ranked higher are more nicely designed.
What we like:
What we don’t:
MyBookie - Best Real Money Online Gambling Site in The Philippines
It’s always good news when you discover a real money online gambling Philippines site that has an excellent selection of games available for you to play. MyBookie must surely go down as one of those sites, as not only does it have all the best blackjack and roulette titles, it has a wide selection of slots and other games, plus a vibrant sports book with lots of live betting options. It is also noteworthy as it accepts many forms of cryptocurrencies, adding an extra layer of convenience for people in the Philippines.
If you come unstuck at the MyBookie sportsbook or casino then there is no need to convern yourself, as assistance is ever at hand from the excellent support functions. It is unlikely that you are ever going to need support, but it is good to know that it is there and available for you anyhow. MyBookie is an excellent choice for gambling online in the Philippines, and has been since 2014. Another gambling site that we are more than happy to recommend to you.
What we like:
What we don’t:
BetOnline - Best Cryptocurrency Online Gambling Site in the Philippines
You might be a little fearful that any gambling website you sign up for and fall in love with might disappear, simply going out of business or having their gambling licence revoked. That will not be the case with BetOnline though, as this gambling giant has been around since 2004 and there are no signs of it fading quietly into the night. More good news here – BetOnline is another gambling site that is most decidedly cryptocurrency friendly.
There are plenty of the best live dealer gambling games online available here, but if you’re a little shy and don’t want to play live there are enough software-based versions of roulette, baccarat and blackjack too. The site has plenty of offers and promotions and gives away over US$1 million in tournament prizes each and every month. The sports betting options are excellent too, with live coverage of top events.
What we like:
What we don’t:
So far we have been pretty general about the best gambling sites. We do appreciate though that not everyone likes all forms of gambling available at such sites. Perhaps you have a preference for sports betting, or maybe you enjoy playing poker the most. Perhaps it is slots (or pokies) that get you excited, or live casino gambling games online.
For your convenience, we have listed our top ten choices for the best online casino in the Philippines, and we have indicated which sites have the most popular online gambling activities, and which are bereft of them.
Okay, so we now have given you our top ten list of the best online gambling real money Philippines site. We have also drilled down a little further about the five very best so you get a better idea about them. So, now you may be wondering how we go through the decision-making process. Well, below you will find listed the main criteria we examine when we are making our minds up about any gambling site that’s available for people in the Philippines to use.
You already know that we feel that any site on our top ten list is worthy of its place among the best legit gambling sites available to players in the Philippines. In terms of specific categories though, we have to admit that some sites score more highly than others. Here below we present several important categories and the sites that we feel score highest in each of them.
There are a huge number of players in the Philippines who enjoy playing slots (or pokies as some people prefer to know them as) plus popular casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat Philippines online gambling. If that describes you and you also like options at gambling online in the Philippines sites that include video poker, casino poker and even scratchcards, then below you will find some of the best online casino gambling sites that are available to players in the Philippines.
There are a lot of sites that are available to sports bettors in the Philippines that are casino gambling online sites. They mix up the best in slots or pokies with casino gambling online games. As the Philippines is situated in Asia, then the majority (if not all) casino games at a site will be live casino games. You will be able to play roulette, baccarat and blackjack with live dealers at the best casinos for the Philippines. Below listed you will find the best online casino sites in the Philippines.
As we have just mentioned, live casino gambling online sites in the Philippines are extremely popular, and are far more popular than the casinos usually found in other jurisdictions which mainly have RNG or software-based games. The majority of sites that people in the Philippines use for their casino play have an excellent number of live casino games and tables, and below we have listed a handful of the very best.
Slots machines are not as popular in the Philippines as they are in other jurisdictions. This is mainly because real-world versions of slots (or pokies to give them their alternative title) are practically unheard of in the nation, and the country has no history of them.

People in the Philippines are growing to love online slots though, and several of the best sites available to people in the nation have plenty of classic slots from leading providers like Playtech, Microgaming and Betsoft. Below you will find some of the best casino gambling online slots sites available for Philippines people.
Finding a good site for roulette online in the Philippines is not hard. Table games may not have made it big in the Philippines, but live casino games have – and with it comes a cornucopia of roulette variants.
In our recommended casinos you will find up to 20 different live casino studios with variants of roulette as FlagShip Roulette, Crown Roulette, Fortune and Speed along with Immersive Roulette. So regardless of what variant of roulette you are interested in playing, we can guarantee that you can find it.
Baccarat charm has long eluded the western world, and is sorely lacking in the casino offering there. This is not the case for any online casino in the Philippines, here you can literally find all the popular and obscure variants online.
So if you are interested in baccarat, the Philippines online casinos will not let you down. Just go to the casino section and find a separate tab for the Baccarat offerings for each of the many live casino studios. All offering unique and thrilling variants like Cagayan Baccarat, EuroBaccarat, Korean Baccarat, or simply the regular AGQ Baccarat.
As you might have noticed, there are no shortcomings when it comes to casino offerings in the Philippines. This goes for Blackjack too – the multiple variants you can find online is astounding. To be fair, there are not as many tables and variants open as for Baccarat – but there are still enough.
So enjoy the traditional variants along with the quirkier Lightning Blackjack or infinite Blackjack. Or simply enjoy the luxury of having the entire table for yourself in Salon Prive, with the option to request dealer change at your convenience.
Sports betting is another pastime in the Philippines that has grown in popularity, despite the most popular sports in the nation being ones that are not that popular elsewhere, such as basketball, boxing, volleyball and even billiards! Football rose in popularity around 201o due the success of the Philippines team in the AFF Championship of that year but has declined again (with the decline of the team!). If you are into your sports betting then here are some top sites where you can place your sports betting wagers.
When it comes to the best sites for gambling, there is really no right or wrong answer. It is all about what you want out of the experience. If you like slots, well then you will have a different selection of really great sites from someone who is into sports betting.
And when it comes to the best payout, well that will vary from month to month and market to market. The truth behind, is that most casinos share both game studios and betting companies that set the odds for them. What makes them different is the user interface, the payment options and the promotions.
Poker is extremely popular in the Philippines, and people in the country have been using the leading poker sites available across the world for over two decades now. Some of the world’s leading poker players have come from the Philippines in recent times, including Marc Rivera, Mike Takayama and Noli Francisco. There are lots of people in the Philippines all looking to follow in the footsteps of their poker heroes, and below you will find details of some to the best sites at which you can get your poker fix.
Finding the right bonuses and offers might be confusing, not due to the lack of them – quite the contrary. The abundance of pretty nice offers from most credible online casinos might be confusing.
There is no online casino today that does not sport a fairly decent welcome package for new players. Which ones are the best? Well it depends on your favorite game. Not all welcome bonuses are applied to all games, so if you favor betting – choose a package for sports betting. If you prefer roulette, go for a casino offering.
This is the virtual holy grail of bonuses, and as such is seldom seen. Having been a staple on the international market it lost its function once online gambling became popular. As a bonus, it does show up from time to time but it is a very rare occurrence.
This is the bettors choice of bonuses, because it is technically classified as one. Free bets can often easily be used on the site, and can sometimes be quite advantageous for the player. The one thing to read up on, is the terms and conditions.
This kind of offer usually shows up in promotions or welcome packages, but can also be found in reload offers. They are usually steeped in wagering and might be fairly uninteresting by themselves, but as a side offer they are quite fun. You get to test out new slots without any personal cost.
Which brings us to the Terms and conditions, something we often neglect. However, once you learn how easy it is to dodge the massive text wall and only find the relevant information you too will get into the habit of checking it out.
There are basically four or five vital points you are interested in as a regular player, and we will walk you through them.
You want to know this, and it is usually placed fairly visible even from the first glance at the promotion or offer. Why you need this is because if you do win big it is nice to know how many times you have to wager it before you can withdraw the money.
This applies to both casino and sports when gambling. Sometimes you want to place a bet or play a casino game in particular, and before you accept the offer it is then sound advice to check if it actually applies to your bet or game.
Ok, so this is a self explanatory part but it is strange how many miss checking up if there is any minimum deposit for an offer. If you deposit less than this, it invalidates your bonus and you have missed out on it.
With a myriad of different payment methods, several e-wallets and even more crypto options – this is important to remember: not all payment methods are accepted for all bonus offers. Check quickly if your preferred payment method is included by skimming the terms and conditions.
Usually you have around 30 days to clear the bonus, that means you have that amount of time to clear the wagering terms otherwise the bonus sum will disappear from your account. It might be good to keep tabs on this.
Mobile phone coverage (including internet coverage) is exceptional all around the Philippines, including Manila of course. Take up of mobile devices in the Philippines is lower than most other Asian nations though, currently thought to be around 75 percent (this is an improvement from five years ago when take up was barely 60 percent). Despite this, mobile gambling is very popular in the Philippines. There are plenty of sites that have mobile real money casino apps that you can download and install to your devices. If your preferred online gambling Philippines site does not have an online gambling app then there is no need to worry as you can still use the site using your chosen mobile browser.
Here are some of the best sites available for Philippines online gambling via mobile in the Philippines both in terms of apps you can download and the mobile-optimized versions of the site(s) that you can use via a browser. Choose your favourite online gambling app!
If you have never registered at an online gambling real money Philippines site before then you may be wondering just how you go about it. It is not difficult at all, and here to help we are going to walk you through the process at one of our favourite sites, BK8.
the Philippines online gambling
BK8 has specialist sites for a number of Asian countries but if you look for the flag of the Philippines, you won’t find it. That is not a worry though, as you can use either the Asia site, or the International site. Make your choice, and then hit the ‘register’ button to start the registration process.
online gambling in Philippines
The first step is very easy. Choose a suitable username and a password that you will remember easily and that nobody else would be able to guess. Enter both in the boxes indicated and then click the ‘Register’ button.
online gambling sites
The next step is just about filling in more information. Just complete all the fields and then click the ‘Register’ button again.
the Philippines online gambling sites
That really is all you need to do! You are now a registered user of your sports betting site and can deposit funds and start betting. Don’t forget to claim any registration bonus that you are entitled to.
We have suggested this before, but just to reiterate you might face problems when you try and get money into your sports betting account. The majority of people in the Philippines still prefer making payments with cash, so internet payments can be a problem. There are though a few fledging ePayment services in the Philippines, but not many of those are accepted by gambling sites.
If you have a bank account then you may be able to connect it to your online gambling account, but doing so may cause you problems if it is recognised that you are making payments to offshore online casinos. It may be far better if you use a third-party provider for your bank transfers. You may be able to use your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card too, as long as you have one of course.
There are a number of eWallet service providers in the Philippines as we have already mentioned, as payment systems online can be something of an issue. If you can open a PayPal account then you should be fine, or Skrill or Neteller. All are eWallets accounts that are readily accepted by online gambling sites. Online gambling Philippines using GCash can be problematic – because people in the Philippines can only use international gambling sites, GCash casino sites are practically non-existent.
If you are still struggling then perhaps you could try a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Such non-fiat currencies are popular in Asia, and there are no restrictions to you using cryptocurrencies in the Philippines. Convert your peso to Bitcoins (or whatever) via your cryptocurrency wallet and use them at your chosen casino that accepts them.
Below you will find list our best online casinos and sportsbooks, and which of the most popular payment methods are accepted by them.
You can find a lot of casinos with the Paypal logo, marking them as accepting this as a payment option. As one of the oldest and most reliable online payment methods it is also one of the most popular methods today.
Despite being on the market for quite some time, Gcash has not really broken into the casino market. That being said, it is a preferable option for any Filipino player since it is utterly local and safe.
Despite being far from as stable and predictable a currency as a traditional one, all cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of traction on the gaming market. Bitcoin is now a fairly common payment method that is accepted in most online gambling sites.
The people of the Philippines may consider themselves to be significantly short-changed when it comes to the legality of online gambling. The country is the hotbed of Asian gambling (aside from Macau of course) with the country having its own regulatory body, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) which allows people in the country to operate what are known as POGOs – Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators which are companies that are allowed to create casinos and sportsbooks that are placed online. Live casinos are particularly popular via POGOs, with several international companies having live casino studios in Manila.
The unfortunate element of POGOs is that they are strictly offshore, which means people within the Philippines are banned from playing them. Many people in the Philippines are annoyed at this and consider hypocritical – the government of the Philippines makes money via online gambling (taxation) yet prevents its own people from playing. Unlike many other Asian countries the Philippines is mostly Christian as opposed to Muslim, so while gambling may be frowned upon, it certainly isn’t illegal.
Most people in the Philippines ignore the ‘illegality’ of online casinos anyhow, but they are careful enough to ignore the leading POGOs and go for the top international gambling sites, using VPNs if necessary.
As much as this is a personal choice, if you like to go out to a casino or if you prefer to stay at home and play – the two are intricately different and only peripherally comparable. The feeling of enjoying a night on the town or sitting at home is often a matter of mood, but if we put it to the test and compare them, some things are different.
So first, lets have a look at online gambling. It has some really good features that most know of, but also some drawbacks when playing online. Mostly it is the speed people miss out on factoring in, you can get a lot done by placing for example a bet online in comparison to visiting a local shop. But also the not so fun things, like it becomes a bit impersonal at times and it is easier to lose track of the bankroll.
Good about Online Gambling
Drawbacks of Online Gambling:
So moving on, lets have a look at what land based casinos can bring to the table. First off, this is clearly a social experience and often a major fun one. The tables are buzzing with action and the slot machines sound off at all times. But this can also be overwhelming. Then there is the absence of bonuses, sure – there are activities going on and competitions, special offers and so on – but the hard cash bonuses are forever lacking here.
Good about Land Based Casinos
Drawbacks of Land Based Casinos
It may seem strange that the government of the Philippines allows companies to operate all forms of gambling online, but does not allow its citizens to use any of those sites, or international sites. Most people who want to gamble in the country ignore this, and use international sites anyway.
If you want to play the latest hot baccarat games, or experience a few spins of the roulette wheel at a live casino then you need to follow our advice and choose one of the sites that we have recommended to you here. These are safe and secure sites with fine reputations, and ones that you can trust. Keeping yourself safe is of paramount important if you are going to gamble online at any gambling site you may find on the internet.
Good luck with gambling online with real money in the Philippines, and keep yourself safe.
There are a number of suitable payment systems available to people in the Philippines. Most people will use a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. Other options exist though, such as eWallets (PayPal) and cryptocurrencies.
There are not that many international online gambling Philippines sites that accept pesos. That should not be too much of a problem for people in the Philippines though as they can run their account in another currency, such as US dollars, instead.
Even though there are countless gambling sites available in the Philippines, the population of the country is banned from using them. People in the Philippines still use VPNs to access international betting sites.
Some online gambling in the Philippines is already permitted, but only to ‘VIP’ players. Revenues from POGOs have dropped considerably since 2020, so a softer stance on online gambling in the Philippines does seem much more likely that it did prior to 2020.
All live casino games are popular in the Philippines, with baccarat probably the biggest favourite followed by roulette. Blackjack is popular too, but not as popular as the previous two mentioned games.
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