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Bears maintain No. 2 overall draft pick, guaranteed top-4 choice

Bears maintain No. 2 overall pick in the draft originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

With the Bears‘ loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, during the NFL’s penultimate week of the regular season, Chicago maintained its position in the NFL draft with the No. 2 overall pick.

Here are the outcomes for the final week of the regular season that could land the Bears between picks 1-4:

For No. 1 – the Houston Texans defeat the Colts, the Bears lose to the Vikings

For No. 2 – Texans lose, Bears lose/ or Texans, Bears, Broncos, Cardinals all win

For No. 3 – Bears win, one of the Broncos or Cardinals lose

For No. 4 – Bears win, both Broncos and Cardinals lose

The Bears still have a chance to obtain the first overall pick, but need the Houston Texans to defeat the Indianapolis Colts – who the Texnas tied with in Week 1 – to give the Bears a chance.

However, at this point in the season, the Bears have done enough losing to guarantee themselves a top-4 pick in the draft, which should suffice for bolstering part of the roster.

Some prognosticators believe the Bears will chase after one of the top defensive prospects, and athletes, in the draft. Will Anderosn Jr. (DE, Alabama) and Jalen Carter (DT, Georgia) are speculated to be on the Bears’ to-do list.

Trading down the selection for additional assets is another popular prediction for the Bears. The Bears have eight draft picks in the upcoming draft, but have a multitude of needs that cannot be satisfied without additional ammunition.

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Only April will tell us how the draft unfolds. For now, all we know is the Bears will be one of the first teams to decide their fate.

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