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Adam Adli told to justify claim of corruption in sports bodies – MalaysiaNow

Sports bodies respond to the deputy minister's statement, calling it unfair and prejudicial.
The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) has urged Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Adam Adli to justify his allegation that the sports fraternity is plagued by elements of corruption.
OCM president Mohamad Norza Zakaria described the statement as uncalled for, unfair and prejudicial, saying various national sports bodies had succeeded in producing world champions in their respective sports throughout the decades.
“As the umbrella body of 57 national sports associations (NSAs), the OCM is deeply disappointed with Adam Adli’s statement which was not fully justified and not backed by evidence.
“Rightfully, Adam Adli should engage the stakeholders before coming up with a blanket statement that reflects (a) poor understanding of the existing structure,” he said in a statement.
Norza added that a number of NSAs had been recognised as model associations which observe the best practices of good governance.
He said the same set of NSAs had helped raise the profile of sports in the country by producing world-class athletes in badminton, cycling, diving, bowling and silat.
“Although the NSAs are far from perfect and work within constraints, you cannot tar us with the same brush. Undoubtedly, there are weaknesses that need to be rectified but to claim that the sports fraternity is corrupt is prejudicial and immature,” said Norza, who is also the president of the Badminton Association of Malaysia.
Meanwhile, Football Association of Malaysia president Hamidin Mohd Amin said in the same statement that it would have been good if the deputy minister had engaged with the stakeholders before jumping to conclusions.
Wushu Federation of Malaysia president Chong Kim Fatt agreed, expressing disappointment with the statement which he described as populist in nature.
“The statement does not benefit anybody. It only serves to antagonise the NSAs who are supposedly the biggest stakeholders in the sporting fraternity. It is not fair for those who have worked hard and toiled night and day to bring success to their respective sports,” he said.
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